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30 Years Later

Here's my tribute to Dirty Dancing! I still find this movie agonizingly romantic. This will be shown at Gallery1988 for their 30 Years Later art show, opening July 21.

Eastside Culture Crawl 2016 Begins!

It's finally here! Check out all the local artists in their natural studio environments, starting Thursday the 17th at 5pm. Big thank you to the Georgia Straight for sponsoring artists in the Crawl- check out their guide here, and see my painting at William Clark Studios!

Seeing Montreal

When I was in Montreal this summer, I saw a lot of street art.  But the one that stuck with me most was the most handmade looking mural, a heartfelt effort to commemorate the many murdered and missing Indigenous women that have been lost across Canada.  This mural was painted by artists Fanny Aisha, Guko and Monk-E in July 2014. By the time I saw it on the three story building on Boulevard St-Laurent, new graffiti had embellished it. 

Montreal's Missing Justice member Monica Van Schaik sats “The whole idea about Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is that women are going missing, so they’re not here anymore. We thought it would be very powerful to put something in place so that they do have a presence, they do have a place within the city.”

Ultimately I wanted to capture this landscape and remember this cultural moment, as we start off the Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women.  

Read more about the mural here.

A Summer of Painting

Here are two paintings I sweated over in my hot hot studio over the past summer months.  Both of the paintings feature color bombed buildings in Kensington Market in Toronto.

The Walls Should Talk, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches

Kensington Market Soul, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches

Kensington Market Soul, Acrylic on Wood 30x30 inches

Ghostbusters 2016

My day job is at Sony Imageworks where I am a digital painter for visual effects and animated movies.  I paint mostly environments that fill the background when actors perform in front of green screens.  I have spent the past 5 months working on the new Ghostbusters movie, and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of the team of digital artists that helped make this movie.

My job as an environmental texture artist has had a lot of influence on my work as a painter. I often say, I spend my days painting 3d bricks, I spend my nights painting 2d bricks. Bricks are my forté!

For Ghostbusters, I painted background buildings for a 3d version of modern day and 70's New York Times Square, which was featured in the battle sequence with the ghosts.  It involves a lot of research into what buildings actually look like, referencing high quality photos and digital archives.  We strive to build worlds that are as accurate to real life sets as possible.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Here is an article that explains how the ghost extras and characters in the movie are made. 

Great job girls! This movie is as fun to watch as it was to work on.

Tribute to Thelma & Louise

The ultimate feminist action adventure just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Thelma & Louise is a scathing yet fun road trip movie about rape, loss, and the power of friendship.  

"The Law's some Tricky Shit"- this is my tribute to complex and flawed Strong Female Characters.

Acrylic on Wood, 24x12

Acrylic on Wood, 24x12

"This Song Explains Why I'm Leaving"

Taking a break from the photorealistic to work on a self imposed Brush Stroke Bootcamp- trying to paint faster, more accurately and with greater confidence.  This is a finished painting from my series about women in movies, expanding on my Tribute to John Hughes works from last summer.

Acrylic on Wood 12x24

This is my tribute to Cameron Crowe's amazing film, Almost Famous. Anita Miller sets off on her own, to pursue her rock and roll dream of becoming a stewardess.

Crow Knows

This piece is for an upcoming art show on the theme of crows and home.  It is a cityscape where a crow watches over the traffic above Drake Street.  Here, the Granville Bridge connects to Vancouver’s downtown, and the birds congregate between the condos, patrolling roof tops and peeping in windows.  People relax on their balconies, with crows circling, always watching.  The crows are a part of our urban community, learning our traffic habits, and watching us move- taking advantage of our obliviousness.  We know little about them, and they know everything about us.

Acrylic on Wood, 16x16

MOVEMBER in Toronto

A night scene, based on a mural by the artist Elicser on Dundas West (near Ossington) in Toronto. Saw this one night last summer, walking to my hotel from The Painted Lady.

This painting was quite a challenge, there was a lot of subtle detailed required to capture the look of bricks in the dark.  My paintings are also evolving to use more sprayed paint, which I spritz on by hand with tiny atomizers. This adds an element of chaos- random drips, drops and colours- and, I think, channels the aerosol spirit of a street artist.

Acrylic on Wood, 20x20

Acrylic on Wood, 20x20

Here is a little more info about Elicser's mural-

photo by Resa

photo by Resa

I Believe You- Graffiti in Vancouver's Chinatown

New painting! In Chinese culture, a red door means you are welcome, tell your stories here. Graffiti by @lovelettersforeverybody in Vancouver Chinatown. I really enjoyed painting this and wanted to commemorate the unity that people felt after the JG verdict in supporting Survivors for speaking out against sexual assault and rape culture.

Tribute to the Anti Graffiti Mayor

I've been working on this painting for about 3 months, and I decided last night that today I would finally put the finishing touches on it.  I woke up this morning to the news that Rob Ford had passed away.  So my mild mockery of the mayor has become a tribute, Tribute to the Anti Graffiti Mayor.

Painting by Sherri Rogers, mural in Kensington Market, Toronto

Painting by Sherri Rogers, mural in Kensington Market, Toronto

I have fond memories of Rob Ford because I was working at Global News during his days of debauchery and he made life in the graphics department very exciting.  I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking at Rob Ford's face, but I love the creativity and humour that Toronto artists retaliated with.  This mural of the mayor decorates Kensington market.

Lunarfest at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza

I am very excited to be one of the local artists included in this year's Lunar Festival, celebrating the Year of the Monkey. My 3 pieces celebrate Chinatown and the theme of Reflections. See it at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza Feb 12, 13, 14

Lunarfest is organized by the Asian Canadian Special Events Association.  Started in 2009 and built to be a Vancouver Winter Olympics Legacy event, LunarFest is Canada’s premier presenter of contemporary expression in Asian arts and culture. It endeavours to reach new Canadians and those who have been here for many generations to share in the diversity of Canada. It also encourages and fosters the collaboration of Canadian and International cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions. LunarFest is a festival that brings together Soul, Art and Life on one stage.