About me

I am an artist based in Vancouver BC, and my paintings mostly focus on the urban environment. My style is playful and narrative, using humour and colour as a way to reflect on the community we live in. I like to tell a story with my artwork, and to communicate a message with imagery that is beautiful and vibrant.

By day, my job as a Texture Artist for VFX is to take reference photos from film sets or cities and project them onto digital backgrounds in 3D.  This work has taught me to compose visually interesting environments, and I spend a lot of time looking at bricks and stones. 

I paint in my east side art studio on Williams & Clark.  I love riding my bike to the most colourful corners of the city and painting local culture and characters.  Every year I open my studio doors during the East Side Culture Crawl, Vancouver's most popular a visual arts festival.


photo by Greg Massie